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Look Busy While Working From Home Hack

Look Busy While Working From Home Hack

So the lockdown and the whole coronavirus situation means lots of us are now working from home.

This has does have its pro’s and cons however, at first many people enjoyed the freedom to slide out of bed into the office without having a shave or doing your hair, but now as time has moved on, things are stating to get real.

Many boss’s are checking up on staff to make sure they are doing their work and are online all the time. Workers are left juggling home life with work on a daily basis and getting just 5 min break always seems to fall when your boss is checking you are online.

Even when you come away from your pc for just a few minutes for a simple toilet break, it will sign you out, and you look offline (again) to your boss. So doing a simple chore like putting the bin out, or washing pots will trigger your boss to thinking you are not doing the work hes paying you for.

Well….we have a helpful solution for those wanting to get a break without signing out of their pc or looking inactive. The Mouse Jiggler !!!

A Mouse jiggler is a simple and small USB stick that once plugged in with move your mouse cursor slightly every 30 seconds or so. This prevents your PC or Mac from going to sleep or signing out of Apps.

Mouse Jiggler

The mouse Jiggler stops you appearing offline when you are away from your PC. So you can go and spend time on those chores without fear of your Big Brother Boss knowing.

The Mouse Jiggler is super easy to use too, just plug it in your PC/Mac USB port and that’s it. It also cant be detected as it will appear as a connected mouse in device manager. No software is needed to be installed, so its totally undetectable 🙂

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